Monday, March 4, 2013

Pillars of an Immersion Trip


An integral part of the immersion experience involves eliminating excess to quiet the mind and engage the participant. The Santa Clara Ignatian Center encourages participants to live simply in order to discover what is necessary to their journeys. Without distractions we are better able to understand our own privilege and connect with our communities and one another.


Spirituality focuses on personal and communal reflection. Students from all faith backgrounds are invited to reflect on the role of their own spirituality and deeper questions of faith through the lens of their immersion trip. In order to better understand their own humanity and that of the community they encounter, participants will engage in various types of reflection. Throughout the trip the students will continuously engage their spiritual discernment, both as individuals and as a group.


While on immersion, we have the opportunity to go outside of our comfort zone and experience the ways in which other communities live. Immersion creates space for students to hear stories and glimpse realities they would otherwise not encounter as readily. The pillar of community helps us develop our appreciation of human connections and our capacity to build relationships. Immersion also helps participants build relationships with Santa Clara peers through reflection and quality time together.


The most basic understanding of justice is right relationships. Immersion participants are challenged to consider what relationships exists in their lives, from their closest loved ones to the broader global community. Reflection on this topic touches upon power, privilege, access, resources, impact, and structures. Individually and as a group, immersion participants consider how to create, sustain, and develop right relationships.

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